Për ne

Kohavision is a Kosovar television broadcaster, a part of Koha Group. Kohavision (KTV) has started broadcasting after Kosovo War, more precisely, in 2000.The news is very important sector, with Koha e Lajmeve (Time for News), beign the most watched in the country.

Kohavision is the most famous television programme in Kosovo, and has some famous programmes, like: Interaktiv (Evening News Magazine), Oxygen Show (Night Show), Rubikon (Talk Show) Express (Daily Cultural & Showbiz Magazine), 038 (Weekly TV Magazine), SOT (Morning Show), "3 gjermanët e trashë" (TV-series), Punpun (Reality Show) and many other British, American, Scandinavian, Latin and Turkish series like Will and Grace, Kurt Seyit & Sura, Borgen, The Pallace, Miranda, Una Maid en Manhattan etc.

Recenty, it is airing the famous American sit-com, Evrybody Hates Chris. As of 30 August, KTV will broadcast for the first time Spanish La Liga, and as usually will continue to air Serie A